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Patrick Halley

M.S. 2016, Chemical Engineering, OSU

B.S. 2014, Chemical Engineering, OSU

Molly Mollica

M.S 2016, B.S. 2014, Biomedical Engineering, OSU

B.S. 2014, Biomedical Engineering, OSU


Currently Ph.D student in Bioengineering in University of Washington

Lifeng Zhou

Ph.D 2017 Mechanical Engineering, OSU

M.S. 2012, Mechanical Engineering, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications

(co-advised, primary advisor Dr. Haijun Su in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering)

W194 Scott Lab

Mike Hudoba

Ph.D 2016, Mechanical Engineering, OSU

M.S. 2011, Mechanical Engineering, OSU


Currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Engineering at Otterbein University


Lavanya Easwaran

B.S. 2016

Cherry Gupta

PhD 2015 (co-advised, primary advisor Dr. Jim Lee from Chemical & Biomolecular Eng.)


M.S. 2010, Mechanical Engineering, UC Santa Barbara

Max Armstrong

B.S. 2015


Currently in graduate school at UC Berkeley

Carl Miller

M.S. 2015


Currently at Mubea

Josh Brockman 

B.S. 2014


Currently in graduate school at Georgia Tech

Gunter Eickert

M.S. 2013 

Vienny Nguyen

M.S. 2013

NBL project(s):

Reverse Engineering Ant Neck Joint


tag-line: "Because ants don't need heads."


Currently at NASA 

Emily Briggs

M.S. 2013

NBL project(s):

  • High-throughput fluorescence-based force spectroscopy with DNA nanotechonlogy
  • A DNA origami platform for controlled presentation of ligands to single cells 

tag-line: "I do everything high throughput."


Danny Turowski

M.S. 2013

NBL project(s): 

Mechanical and assembly properties of mesocale DNA origami material systems

tag-line: "You're only as strong as your DNA."


Currently at Microsoft 

Clinton LeHotan

B.S. 2013


NBL project(s): 

Growth quantification and length distribution of DNA origami polymers


tag-line: "I'm not shaving until the research is done."


Currently at The Dow Chemical Company