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Social Events

We celebrated Dr. Josh's last day at Seventh Son Brewery. He is heading to London to do some Josh's stuff.

NBL Halloween party!



Jenny, Anjelica and Sedona ran a Columbus 5k in freezing October!

Hot Pot is our favorite in NBL.

NBL happy hour at Pins!

Our happy hour with Michael Murrell, Calso's Ph.D friend!

Happy hour with our New Tshirts!


Happy 36th Birthday to Carlos!!


Happy 25th Birthday to Melika and Peter!

Celebration lunch for Alex's and Lifeng's paper!


Lab Christmas party, February 2018


Lab Social Event! May 2017!

OhioMod 2016 in San Francisco!

OhioMod 2016

2017 NBL with some undergrads

2017 NBL

2015 NBL

2014 Dim Sum

2013 NBL

2012 OhioMod trip

2012 NBL

2012 NBL